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About Us

Nexus Coaching Professionals was founded by veteran leadership and business coach Ralph Cochrane to work with technical professionals.


Recognizing that technical professionals have unique leadership development needs that are critical to business success, Nexus developed a suite of programs that address the challenges that industry professionals are facing in these very pragmatic sectors. 


Over 300 clients later, we are still honing our programs each day.



We understand that time is of the essence and it is critical that the coaching experience is relevant and to the point



Real time learning & development requires providing training and coaching modules that can be instantly applied



Our programs are designed to allow the participant to deploy their new skill sets within a real time, working environment 

The design philosophy around our leadership and coaching programs means that your day-to-day challenges leading and managing technical teams can be mitigated right from the start.


Nexus Understands:


that “out of sync” technical leaders have on the bottom line


of replacing or having to manage poor performing talent when things go “off the rails”


realized when technical leaders hone their soft skill sets

Who we are

We're a future thinking leadership development solutions provider that marries state of the art workshop programs with a pragmatic (and bottom line) approach towards helping technical leaders hone their people skills.

Our programs are practical and instantly applicable and have been designed to be tactical and goal oriented, much like the clients we serve.

What we do

We provide unique, process driven leadership development programs and workshops to technical leaders and their teams.


Why we do it

We believe that all technical leaders have the potential to be exceptional “people” leaders. Creating more value for an organization requires a singular focus on developing talent and the ability for individuals to come together as a team.


Technical talent when combined with people skills adds exceptional value to an organization.

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